Single: Rules. – Sure Enough

A new song from a new project from Parker Hall aka Rules. A beautiful melodic indie rock. I recommend you to listen to the new EP in full. The video is great too, a perfect fit for the music.

You can find more music and the full EP on Spotify.

Video Premiere: Xuan – Nobody Knows

Bringing you a brand new video from LA based XUAN. The track is off her album Have Some Funn released in 2018.

Her story is very interesting:

The daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, Xuan (pronounced “Swan”) Nguyen grew up in what she describes as the “safe and uneventful” Dallas suburbs. “Everything was really good. But I knew I needed to go out and get my ego smashed and explore. I moved to Viet Nam and hosted a TV show. I traveled around Southeast Asia, Australia and moved to Ireland.”

Living in Ireland, Xuan was inspired to write songs by her then songwriter boyfriend. “He was worried about how were going to make a living. I realized that I could become a songwriter, too and we could tour together. I thought: ‘This is going to be easy!’” Of course it wasn’t, but when Xuan returned home, she continued to hone her craft undaunted. “I got up the courage to perform at open mic, and that’s where I met Salim Nourallah (producer Old 97s, Nicholas Altobelli, The Damnwells, Rhett Miller).” Nourallah invited her into his studio to put together a record.”

I am so happy to see more diversity in today’s music world and I hope there is a bright future ahead of Xuan.

You can find more music on Spotify.

Single: Baby Combat – Joan

Baby Combat is an indie pop-rock project by Noel Yeo, a singer-songwriter based in New York City, born in Singapore.

I love this song so much. I miss good old indie rock like this. Just listen and enjoy with me.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Video: Gaelynn Lea – The Long Way Around

This song and video are heart-melting. Gaelynn’s story is so powerful!

Here is just one thing that got me:

In addition to performing and recording, Gaelynn also loves to do speaking engagements about disability awareness, the power music, and leading an enriching life. She has a congenital disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bones Disease. Gaelynn is a strong voice in the disability community; she uses her music as a platform to advocate for people with disabilities and to promote positive social change. Gaelynn Lea believes society must prioritize accessibility so people with disabilities can participate in their communities and use their gifts without barriers or discrimination.

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Video: Winona Oak – Let Me Know

A little different post, because Winona can be considered as a big artist. A great pop artist. I just hope she will get popular, reminds me a lot of early Lana Del Rey. A great catchy pop. From Sweden! Me likey very much.

You can follow the artist on Spotify.

Video: Marble Arch – Today

Marble Arch is a french dream pop artist. A melancholic, dreamy track accompanied with a perfectly fitting video. A great combination. I recommend you checking out more music from this artist.

You can listen to the artist on Spotify.

Video: Aidan & the Wild – Dreamer

Another discovery from the Netherlands – a folkish singer-songwriter. The video is very hippie-looking, fitting perfectly for the atmosphere produced by music. A very enjoyable. So happy there are more great artists to discover from Europe.

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Video Premiere: JW Francis – Place I Know

I am excited about this premiere.

I have shared JW Francis’ music before on my blog and I loved it. Here is another great track with a fresh lyric video for it. I love the way this video is shot, the song perfectly fits for it. I love the chill slacker vibes. Just give this video a proper watch/listen and check out the rest of the music from this talented musician. No pointless words, just smash that play button and share further.

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Video: Danny Godwin – Naturelle

This message on YT says it all:

Recorded this song in my basement and filmed the video with my sister around our neighborhood. Wanted to show what a summer would look like minus our phones. Featuring animals, smiles and my bedroom lol. hope u enjoy and thx for stopping by 🙂

I love that this was home-recorded. It sounds so much better and the video is just great. I love the vibe, perfectly fitting for my summer mood.

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Video Premiere: Pen Palindrome – Anna I’m Sorry

I am very happy to share with you a new video for Pen Palindrome’s Anna I’m Sorry.

A beautiful song with a beautiful stop motion video. I am really falling for Pen Palindrome’s music. I feel so lucky that we had her on our seasonal Z Tapes compilations. Please find some time and watch/listen to this video and just share it with your friends. Please support this young and promising artist.

You can get the full album on cassette

You can also find more music at

Video: Ellen Krauss – On The Bus

I am sharing this song mostly because of the video. I love it. I have not seen such a nice video in a while. The song is a popish one, but with a very catchy melody, love the color of the voice and the chorus is just perfect. Another great thing coming out of Sweden. If this would play in mainstream radios, I would be very happy. I would…

You can find here music on Spotify

Single: Drens – Curacao

Drens is a wild Surf Punk four-piece from Dortmund/Cologne, Germany.

Surf rock at its best. There is so much energy in this song. I can totally imagine myself being at the show (I will have a chance in the November in Vienna) and jamming to this song played live. So happy to discover another great band from Europe.

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Video: Column – II

Can you feel your body to move? Love how simple and still so catchy the melody is. The guitar melodies are so good and love the color of the vocals. The video is so much fun too, really into the “old footage” vibe. This band is very promising and cannot wait to hear more songs from them in the future.

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Video: Made-Up – Doing Something Else

being on Forged Artifacts is always guaranteeing great music. This amazing indie label is celebrating 7 years these days. I am always blown away by their roster.

Made-Up is another great addition to their super packed roster. Sweet dreamy guitars & piano melodies, dreamy voice. Sold. The video is pretty cool too.

You can get the whole album on beautiful cassette at

Video: French Alps Tiger – Tell A Lie

We are an Alternative Indie Rock band from the French Alps, South Wales. I have no idea where this band is coming from. The video has a really nice touch, very retro-ish and the song has a lot of indie fuzzy power. Reminds me of early Wavves’ songs. A great kick for my sleepy Friday workday.

More link at

Video: Lara Snow – Swim Far

I have been fan of Purity Ring or Chvrches since the beginning and I am glad I found another similar artist. This time from Israel and also a female artist. I am always so excited to discover new music from different part of the planet. This song is very catchy and well produced. I bet you will hear more often about this artist in future.

More info at

Video: Roosmarijn – Inside Out

The opening scene of the video is breathtaking. Music is a very powerful, very atmospheric one. The voice goes deep into your soul and feels you with so many emotions. So happy that such great artist is coming our of Netherlands. It is very well produced and cannot wait to see/hear from this female artist.

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Video: TANGLERS – Tallboy

Vancouver indie-rockers TANGLERS killed it with this video for their latest single ‘Tallboy’.

Here are some words on the video from TANGLERS’ member Ross Macnab:

“The foundational concept of the ‘Tallboy’ music video is a person who feels out of place and isolated from society. The character is struggling to get through a normal day, feeling like nothing is meant for them. Thinking long and hard about their place in the world and where they are going to end up, It also touches on the importance of human connection and the lack thereof at some points in life.”

I am so into it. The song is great too. Love the psychedelic, fuzzy guitars and the lazy vocals. I bet this song sounds awesome played live.

I recommend checking out their newest album at It’s bummer, it has not been released on any physical format.

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Video: A Kind of Man – Teddy Love

“I wanted to make a short movie about dreams and the inner life of human nature. About waking up after a rough morning party and the taste of both euphoria and depression. Every room represents a new universe; a new dream.”

– artist about video

Danish people love perfection. This song is perfect. This video is perfect. How can be the first ever video/single from artist so good? I do not know, but I am fully enjoying it. So proud that this is coming from Europe, especially from Denmark. Let’s enjoy it together.

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Video: Johnny Utah – Honeypie

The moment when your wife is telling you to stop listening to something over and over, it is a good time to have a break. I have watched this video (listened to this song) so many times I stopped counting. A total indie banger. it is too good. If you start this track, you will never get it out of your head. And that video! Johhny is the new indie king.

You can find more music at:

Video: Vacation Forever – Shadow

Another Swedish artist worth checking out. I do not know how this country does it, but it produces so many talented artists. Sweden is twice bigger in population than Slovakia but we do not have even half the great artists they have. Also Swedish artists are always different from rest of European ones.

I love the dreamy, surfy vibe of this song. Each re-listening discover more nuances. The video itself is very unique and you can find more info about its production in description on Youtube.

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