Video: Johnny Utah – Honeypie

The moment when your wife is telling you to stop listening to something over and over, it is a good time to have a break. I have watched this video (listened to this song) so many times I stopped counting. A total indie banger. it is too good. If you start this track, you will never get it out of your head. And that video! Johhny is the new indie king.

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Video: Vacation Forever – Shadow

Another Swedish artist worth checking out. I do not know how this country does it, but it produces so many talented artists. Sweden is twice bigger in population than Slovakia but we do not have even half the great artists they have. Also Swedish artists are always different from rest of European ones.

I love the dreamy, surfy vibe of this song. Each re-listening discover more nuances. The video itself is very unique and you can find more info about its production in description on Youtube.

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Video: Devin World – Sweatpants

“Devin World is the solo project of South Florida’s busy Vincent Medina, who songwrote for Dræm Girl, Alien Stickers, and Summer’s June. It was created in 2018 with a demo followed by two standalone tracks. He recently released “Aromatherapy” and is now writing his first album due this summer. In August, the project will move to Baton Rouge as Vincent starts a PhD program at LSU.” – bio from Devin’s site.

A short but very nice lo-fi pop track with catchy guitar and lyrics. To be honest I love sweatpants in general and a song about them makes me smile. I love how trashy the video looks too. If I have ever started doing music, it would sound similar to this one.

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Video: Rose Hotel – Running Behind

The opening of this track. That’s it. I do not need to hear more. I really enjoy the VHS video too. “Running Behind” is a perfect track for driving around Southern part of America and enjoying long roads with green scenery. I wish I could go now.

Rose Hotel is from Atlanta, Georgia (home of my favorite Deerhunter or Orchid Mantis). There is in plans a new album in May I will be eagerly waiting for.

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Video: KESMAR – Crushing (Visualiser)

I am preparing summer vibes for my ears and this is a very nice addition. I have always found Australian music very interesting. It is always little bit different, little bit more relaxed. I can forget it is still cold outside even though it’s already May and I can imagine being outside with friends, doing a grill party and playing this song as part of the playlist. Nice.

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Video: Glenn Echo – Overwhelm

American folk music is so inspiring. For me it is like entering a completely different music world. I love it. I love to experience something that everyday life doesn’t bring. Overwhelmed by mainstream sound from radio (my coworkers listen to mainstream Slovák pop radio which playry every single day the same songs over and over) I dive into folk music as it was a safe (music) haven where I can just rest and enjoy the beauty of music. This song is a perfect tool to escape the world and just have good (music) time.

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Video: NTHNL – Away We Go (feat. John Cushing)

I am finding hardly words to describe what I like about this song, it’s very interesting and each listening is bringing a new angle of discovery. Love how simple and still beautiful are instruments, vocals and sounds in this track. Once you start listening to it, you want to listen again. Writing about music is very hard for me as I always have troubles to find the right words. Therefore I always suggest people to trust my taste and give music I recommend a try. Just start track.

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Video: CATSIGNS – Smokin’ The Clouds

What is Californian vibe? This is it. Guitars that are so surfy, vocals that are lazy. video that looks like VHS. Me likey. I start this track, lay back and dream that I am somewhere else. Not in Slovakia, not in rainy day, not in city. Summer, beach, ocean, breeze. Try it too…

Video: Donny Electric – You Make Me Oh!

I remember when Jacob aka Johnny Utah (Z Tapes) told me about this new promising artist from Philly – Donny Electric (FKA Dream League Soccer). I listened to some songs and was totally into it. And today there is a new video for his latest single. It is not only a great song, but the video is making it even better. I am in love with it and watched like 10 times already. I find Philly scene very interesting and I am always excited to discover more and more artists from this great city.

Can you feel the vibe?

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Video: Safe As Houses – Lucky Lucky

Canada always produce music that is little bit different from the one made in USA and I am always wanting to explore it. This track “Lucky Lucky” is perfect example of it. Love the folkish influence and beautiful violin parts in connection to more pop vocals. And the video with beautiful shots is just a great addition to everything. Excited to hear more from this band.

Video: Ethan Kerr – Eleven

Ethan’s music is so captivating I had to listen to it few times before I was able to write these few words. Very refreshing sound, very chill song. I was always curious about music from Philadelphia and I am glad this scene has produced another new artist worth following. The video for single “Eleven” is very enjoyable too. Love the coloring. You can find his music on Spotify and in our April Playlist too.