Single: dayaway – true cyan

Marked by opulent, psychedelic production complementing dayaway’s distinctive ethereal vocals, “true cyan” emerges as an unexpectedly buoyant composition delving into the themes of solitude and seclusion. The song draws inspiration from an optical illusion wherein “true cyan” becomes perceptible by fixating on a red circle and subsequently closing one’s eyes to reveal the vivid, unattainable hue that eludes digital reproduction.

Amber Renee, the song’s creator, expounded on “true cyan”:

‘true cyan’ is a deceptively sad song. It’s about feeling invisible or unknowable. Like the kind of loneliness that makes you feel alone in a crowded room. I was inspired to write it after seeing this cool visual phenomenon that mimics true cyan. Apparently cyan can’t be reproduced digitally, which means you can only see it out in nature. But if you stare at a red circle for long enough, when you close your eyes, you can see the ghost of it. I wanted to write a song about that. It’s about the loneliness of existing in the digital world. Nothing is real. It’s all just an optical illusion.”

With the imminent arrival of summer, there is a burgeoning desire for more summer music, particularly within the dream pop genre, which happens to be a personal favorite.

Written by Filip Zemcik