Album: Seth in Sweden – LAKE TAPE

Seth in Sweden is an artist from UK. What a funny statement. He just released a new album LAKE TAPE full of chill summer songs. A perfect to finish this lazy hot summer. Great tracks to listen at a beach when chilling with friends. Give it a full listen.

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Video: Aidan & the Wild – Dreamer

Another discovery from the Netherlands – a folkish singer-songwriter. The video is very hippie-looking, fitting perfectly for the atmosphere produced by music. A very enjoyable. So happy there are more great artists to discover from Europe.

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Album: Heart Eyes – I was a swarm of bees

Ryan is a friend and great helper for Z Tapes (especially with mastering). I am so happy he released a new album I was a swarm of bees which features a lot of collaboration with various artists. Please give it a full listen, this album deserves it.

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Single: Laveda – Better Now

A new music project coming out of New York State (Albany & Brooklyn). Dreamy catchy indie pop. Very enjoyable. I am so into lyrics:

Find me a neverland
Where we see no end
Hold me and my hand
Sleep still while I can
Find us a neverland

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Singles: Kate Brunotts – Bicycle Spokes & Hugsrdrugs

Two singles from Kate Brunotts. Kate is from Nothern Virginia, but lives now in NYC and produces all her music in her own bedroom. I deliberately posted both singles as a comparison of how both songs are different, but still so good. I love it when the artist is able to make two different tracks and each has its own specifics. I am excited to hear more from this artist in the future. I definitely recommend checking her music.

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Single: Cuesta Loeb – wasted

This track is so good. I have listened to it so many times, I stopped counting. The vocals are just perfect and I love the guitar parts.

I recommend you read this interesting bio about artist:

NYC native, Cuesta Loeb, comes from a family of musicians. Born to world-renowned jazz guitarist, Chuck Loeb, and Spanish singer-songwriter/actress, Carmen Cuesta, she grew up between the US and Spain, studying classical flute and bassoon. While she really enjoyed performing and playing in orchestras, Cuesta Loeb wanted to expand beyond the traditional venues of classical music. In 2015, she moved to Los Angeles and began experimenting in her own songwriting and production.

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Video Premiere: JW Francis – Place I Know

I am excited about this premiere.

I have shared JW Francis’ music before on my blog and I loved it. Here is another great track with a fresh lyric video for it. I love the way this video is shot, the song perfectly fits for it. I love the chill slacker vibes. Just give this video a proper watch/listen and check out the rest of the music from this talented musician. No pointless words, just smash that play button and share further.

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Video: Danny Godwin – Naturelle

This message on YT says it all:

Recorded this song in my basement and filmed the video with my sister around our neighborhood. Wanted to show what a summer would look like minus our phones. Featuring animals, smiles and my bedroom lol. hope u enjoy and thx for stopping by 🙂

I love that this was home-recorded. It sounds so much better and the video is just great. I love the vibe, perfectly fitting for my summer mood.

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Video Premiere: Pen Palindrome – Anna I’m Sorry

I am very happy to share with you a new video for Pen Palindrome’s Anna I’m Sorry.

A beautiful song with a beautiful stop motion video. I am really falling for Pen Palindrome’s music. I feel so lucky that we had her on our seasonal Z Tapes compilations. Please find some time and watch/listen to this video and just share it with your friends. Please support this young and promising artist.

You can get the full album on cassette

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Single: Matthew Leger – Prell Light

Another discovery from Austin, TX – a nice lo-fi indie bedroom pop.

FFO: melancholic indie pop (Fog Lake), Alex G

A song from Matthew’s newest album collected songs.

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Single: Stray Fossa – These Days

Shimmery garage pop and indie rock from Charlottesville, VA

I love it when bands put even singles on Bandcamp so I can share it from Bandcamp. Also, it is a great way to financially support the band, because they can hardly get any money from streaming. Another great track from this band. Excited to hear more in the future.

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Single: Parachute Words – Funny Heart

I have shared Parachute Words’ music before, he is also on our newest summer comp, so it makes so much sense for me to share with you the newest track Funny Heart. The track is mellow & very beautiful. I can forget everything else, close my eyes and just enjoy the pure beauty of it. I am so excited to hear more from this promising artists. Maybe it could be a great fit for our label, hm…..

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Single: Greg Cameo – Room with a View

Greg Cameo is a bedroom producer and multi-instrumentalist based out of Vancouver, BC.

I am so happy when I see a band/an artist using Bandcamp. At this point, I am not sure why anyone would not be using it. There is no other platform that could compete with it. This track perfectly fits soundwise to Bandcamp aesthetics too. I am so happy I discovered it and cannot wait to play more music from this artist.

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Album: Bryce Kepner – Transitions

Bryce Kepner is a singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist originally from Indiana, but currently residing in Mesa, AZ.

Bryce is also my tweeter pal. A good pal. He runs label Black Tube Socks. This month he released his debut album. A good album. I recommend you find some time and give it a proper listen. It deserves your ears.

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Single: Low Key Crush – Shelter

Do you like Candy releases on Z Tapes? You will love Low Key Crush’s Shelter. This song perfectly represents Australian indie rock/jangle pop. I love it, this track is just gorgeous. Cannot wait to hear more from this band in the future. I hope they will get on a great indie label.

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