Single: Matthew Leger – Prell Light

Another discovery from Austin, TX – a nice lo-fi indie bedroom pop.

FFO: melancholic indie pop (Fog Lake), Alex G

A song from Matthew’s newest album collected songs.

You can find the full album and more music at

Single: Stray Fossa – These Days

Shimmery garage pop and indie rock from Charlottesville, VA

I love it when bands put even singles on Bandcamp so I can share it from Bandcamp. Also, it is a great way to financially support the band, because they can hardly get any money from streaming. Another great track from this band. Excited to hear more in the future.

You can find more music at

Single: Parachute Words – Funny Heart

I have shared Parachute Words’ music before, he is also on our newest summer comp, so it makes so much sense for me to share with you the newest track Funny Heart. The track is mellow & very beautiful. I can forget everything else, close my eyes and just enjoy the pure beauty of it. I am so excited to hear more from this promising artists. Maybe it could be a great fit for our label, hm…..

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Single: Greg Cameo – Room with a View

Greg Cameo is a bedroom producer and multi-instrumentalist based out of Vancouver, BC.

I am so happy when I see a band/an artist using Bandcamp. At this point, I am not sure why anyone would not be using it. There is no other platform that could compete with it. This track perfectly fits soundwise to Bandcamp aesthetics too. I am so happy I discovered it and cannot wait to play more music from this artist.

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Album: Bryce Kepner – Transitions

Bryce Kepner is a singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist originally from Indiana, but currently residing in Mesa, AZ.

Bryce is also my tweeter pal. A good pal. He runs label Black Tube Socks. This month he released his debut album. A good album. I recommend you find some time and give it a proper listen. It deserves your ears.

You can follow him on Bandcamp:

Single: Low Key Crush – Shelter

Do you like Candy releases on Z Tapes? You will love Low Key Crush’s Shelter. This song perfectly represents Australian indie rock/jangle pop. I love it, this track is just gorgeous. Cannot wait to hear more from this band in the future. I hope they will get on a great indie label.

You can find more music at

Single: Karl Jakob – Pippi is dead

Another discover from Sweden. I could only post Swedish artist and I would have neough content for my blog. I am so blown away by this fact. Past weeks I am not the biggest fan of simple melodies, but this melancholic simple track gets me. The simplicity makes it beautiful.

You can find more music from Karl at

Single: Beach Bums – Ash

Sometimes simple things get me. The melody of the Ash is pretty simple, but it is getting me. I have re-listend to this short track couple of times. I am not sure what is making it so catchy for me but I am totally hooked. I am excited to hear more from their upcoming album which should be out later this month.

You can find more music at

Video: Ellen Krauss – On The Bus

I am sharing this song mostly because of the video. I love it. I have not seen such a nice video in a while. The song is a popish one, but with a very catchy melody, love the color of the voice and the chorus is just perfect. Another great thing coming out of Sweden. If this would play in mainstream radios, I would be very happy. I would…

You can find here music on Spotify

Single: Frogi – time

The vocals in time by Frogi are very powerfull. Stripped down instruments are giving a way to a beautiful vocal melody, which is dominanting whole track. You can feel so many emotions from this track and it touches your heart directly. Just listen to it.

You can find second single at

Single: Wade Steely – After You

Wade Steely is 20 year old artist from NY.

Some colors of voice are more fitting me than others. I don’t know why it is like that. Wade’s vocals are working for me very well. Love his mellow, pleasant voice that is getting under my (music) skin. The song has a very simple melody, but with so much power. I wish I was such a talented musician at this age as Wade is.

Bonus: Female vocals later in song are so beautiful.

You can find more music at

Single: Summer Salt – Honeyweed

Summer Salt is a band based in Austin, TX.

“jangly guitars, sun-soaked melodies and warm vocals”

What else do you need this summer? I need more tracks like this one. A perfect for your summer party playlists. Excited to discover more music from this band.

You can find more info at their pretty beautiful website

Single: Albert Kass – Same Lie

Do you know that feeling when you listen to a song for the first time and you like “nah” I am not into it, but something makes you listen again and again and again. Somehow you are listening it for the fifth time and the first feeling is completely away. This happened to me with Same Lie by Albert Kass. I could not stop re-listening to it until I was totally hooked by the melody and lyrics. I am so into this verse:

“Who knows, we might be living the same lie, can you believe, this shit’s been normalized”

You can find more music at

Single: Zuma Creek – Way You Feel

There is always something special about discovering bands that are releasing their first music. Feeling of pure, fresh music. Good music. This single is from the upcoming album out later this month and it is promising already a great record. I cannot wait to hear it in full.

I recommend you pour a nice cold drink (my favorite is Negroni) and just enjoy this summerish song.

You can follow the artist on Spotify

Single: Drens – Curacao

Drens is a wild Surf Punk four-piece from Dortmund/Cologne, Germany.

Surf rock at its best. There is so much energy in this song. I can totally imagine myself being at the show (I will have a chance in the November in Vienna) and jamming to this song played live. So happy to discover another great band from Europe.

You can find more links at

Single: Hollie Col – Unholy

Do you know that feeling when you listen to music and you cannot stay cold and you need to move? That’s exactly how I felt when I listened to Unholy by Hollie Col. I felt (music) joy. I feel like we can have fun and dance a little. I always liked female vocals and Hollie’s ones are really catchy.

I have read that she is supposed to tour in Europe soon, maybe I can see her play a live set in Central Europe too.

You can find more music

Single: RemingtonSuper60 – The Highway Again

Remington super 60 was founded late 1998 by norwegian producer & songwriter Christoffer Schou, the band has had different members over the years (Magnus Abelsen, Benedicte Sveinsson, Elisabeth Thorsen among others). We have had many releases over the years on various indie labels around the world as well as being featured on numerous compilation albums. – from bio on their site

I feel a lot of nostalgia in this song like from an old movie, some Italian movie, a summer movie. Another great band from Scandinavia. I think it is worth to try and dig through their pretty rich discography.

You can find more info at

Fresh: Parachute Words – It’s Quiet

We are working on summer compilation 2019 for Z Tapes and I am very excited to share with you a first single/track from it. A sneak peek. Just press play and feel the summer.

Parachute Words are an indie rock band from London, UK. The song has been written and recorded in frontman’s Martino bedroom with addition mixing and mastering done in a studio. It’s about the quiet and important things in a relationship that don’t come across though normal conversation but are expressed implicitly.

More music from the artist at

Single: Stray Fossa – Eyze

Shimmery garage pop/indie rock from Charlottesville, VA

Do you hear the bass line? I love it. It has such an awesome pace. Also, the guitars are so good. So happy to discover another great band coming out of Virginia – home of my beloved Citrus City Records. This track perfectly fits for my summer mood. Now I am ready to have some fun and dance a little.

You can find more music at

Video: Column – II

Can you feel your body to move? Love how simple and still so catchy the melody is. The guitar melodies are so good and love the color of the vocals. The video is so much fun too, really into the “old footage” vibe. This band is very promising and cannot wait to hear more songs from them in the future.

You can find more music at

Fresh: dakota blue – At the Gala

I have known dakota blue for some time, especially through amazing cassette label Community Radio Tapes. I love the lo-fi chill vibe this song brings. I am so happy to see how dakota blue’s sound has developed over the years. This new single is promising a great album. Cannot wait to hear it in full. Please go and check whole discography of this L.A. artist.

You can find it at

Single: Junaco – In Between

I always enjoy listening to music that has few plays, bands that have few fans. The sense of freshnes of new discovery was driving power for my never ending search for new music. The new single In Between from Los Angeles duo Junaco is that specific case. Even though the song was apparently produced by some more known person (Omar Yakar?), I am feeling a lot of unheard freshness in the song. The female vocals are getting deep under my skin. A great indie rock.

You can find more music at

Single: RHYNE – Finding

I love birds in song. Somehow that sounds are making songs a hundred times better for me. Rhyne’s Finding is full of many beautiful melodies. I just want to go out to nature and enjoy birds, butterflies, meadows. I feel all that in this song. Can you hear it too?

You can find more music at

Album: O.B. Howard – South of Our House

O.B. Howard = Husband-wife indie pop duo from Rhode Island, USA. Sweet dreamy, catchy melodies and captivating vocals. From the first track, you will fall in love with these melodies. I recommend you go through all tracks, but especially In The Light. Another great Bandcamp album worth of your time. A perfect fit for your weekend thorough listening. It is a bummer it was not released in any physical format, especially on cassette. I wish I had more space on my label…

You can find more music at