SINGLE: The Town Council – We Could Talk

‘We Could Talk’, the first release by, The Town Council since the band’s return earlier this year, continues the project’s efforts at producing ghostly beautiful soundscapes. Just under two-minutes long, the single is a brief affair; although despite this, it feels as if an entire lifetime has been infused into the song. Steve Paziuk’s voice sounds like it bears the load of the entire world. It just about stands above the music, enough to act as a crooning translation of the earth’s troubles, weaving itself up and under the forest leaves. Everything here sounds utterly organic, as if the song itself were dug up from the ground. 

‘We Could Talk’ is an arrestingly gorgeous song, one that rewards many a relisten. It’s short run time should not deter you from visiting this world, as it is one that promises to expand and invite more listeners in. I am intrigued to hear where The Town Council head to next, as thus far, their return has been nothing but wonderful. 

Written by Callum Foulds