Album: nice dog – Neon Lavender

nice dog was featured on our Fall 2018 compilation. He just released a new album called Neon Lavender. A lo-fi bedroom pop heartful album. Find some time and give it a full listen, you will not regret it.

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Album: Sandy Hsu – She Comes To Me In A Fever Dream

I have been following Healthy Tapes for some time. Their label is full of great artists. It is the same for Sandy Hsu, another great Australian bedroom pop artist worth checking out. Gentle, lo-fi, dream pop with beautiful vocals. Me likey. Take time and listen to this newest album and get it on tape while you can. A must.

You can get this album on cassettes via Healthy Tapes

EP: Mylo Choy – Night Is Like The Ocean

Mylo Choy is based in Brooklyn, NY. They just released a short EP with three great bedroom folkish songs. Sweet and beautiful tracks. You can get the EP on cassettes too. Take time and listen to the full EP.

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Album: Simen Mitlid – Neutral

I can honestly say that Simen Mitlid is one of my most favorite discoveries this year. I have shared his music on my blog and in my playlist several times. His new album Neutral is just out and it is so good. Full of great songs, melodies, and beautiful vocals. It is my favorite music act from Denmark right now, and one of the top in Europe too. Find some time and give this album a full listen, you will not regret it. It will be in my years for the next days.

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Album: Seth in Sweden – LAKE TAPE

Seth in Sweden is an artist from UK. What a funny statement. He just released a new album LAKE TAPE full of chill summer songs. A perfect to finish this lazy hot summer. Great tracks to listen at a beach when chilling with friends. Give it a full listen.

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Album: Heart Eyes – I was a swarm of bees

Ryan is a friend and great helper for Z Tapes (especially with mastering). I am so happy he released a new album I was a swarm of bees which features a lot of collaboration with various artists. Please give it a full listen, this album deserves it.

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Album: Bryce Kepner – Transitions

Bryce Kepner is a singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist originally from Indiana, but currently residing in Mesa, AZ.

Bryce is also my tweeter pal. A good pal. He runs label Black Tube Socks. This month he released his debut album. A good album. I recommend you find some time and give it a proper listen. It deserves your ears.

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Album: O.B. Howard – South of Our House

O.B. Howard = Husband-wife indie pop duo from Rhode Island, USA. Sweet dreamy, catchy melodies and captivating vocals. From the first track, you will fall in love with these melodies. I recommend you go through all tracks, but especially In The Light. Another great Bandcamp album worth of your time. A perfect fit for your weekend thorough listening. It is a bummer it was not released in any physical format, especially on cassette. I wish I had more space on my label…

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Album: Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners – Subliming

I have written in the previous feature about track Moment, that I am excited about the newest album. The album is here and I am even more hyped. A mixture of modern American folk music with indie rock is working very well for me. I recommend you save an hour for these 10 amazing tracks and give them a proper listen. You will not regret it. There are so many tiny pieces of music you can discover in these tracks. Worth listening over and over.

The only thing that makes me sad that this release is not a physical release. It deserves it.

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Album: Guidon Bear – Downwardly Mobile: Steel Accelerator

“Olympia songwriter Mary Water (Little Red Car Wreck) combines with Pat Maley (Lois, Courtney Love) and E. Michael Bradley to create power-pop songs about real-life nightmares, boot camps, late bills, and scraping by.”

I am a fan of Antiquated Future Records. They have a really nice collection of local-ish artist from Northwest Coast. Cassette labels were always bringing so many great bands to Bandcamp and I am very thankful for this. I think that small cassette labels are the most crucial part of the whole indie scene.

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Album: Salvador Dassi – Salvador Dassi

Are you tired? Are you feeling sad? Just put some good music in headphones and just have a better day. I am having a good one with this new Salvator Dassi’s album. It makes me so happy this beautiful album is coming out of Norway. I always enjoy discovering new music from different music scenes spread in different countries. Let’s discover it together.

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Album: runner – fan on [EP]

This band has best bio:

‘bandcamp songs for soundcloud kids’

Not only the bio is great. This 5-song is a great piece of music. Beautiful melodies. Beautiful vocals. Additionally it was mastered by Warren Hildebrand from famous Orchid Tapes to. EP you will be talking about for months. It would be awesome on cassettes. Who is going to release it? 😉

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Album: carter ward – easy to use, just press play

Bandcamp was made for albums like this. Often album like this remain hidden in platform, but I am lucky I get hold of it. Bedroom indie folk. Or whatever genre you want to label it. It is a true and honest album. Easy to listen. Easy to get in. Easy to love. And the album artwork is very cute. I hope someone will release it on cassettes.

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Album: Benedikt – Communal Work

Another sweet folk band. This time from Northern part of Europe, Oslo in Norway. The album is full of beautiful acoustic, folkish melodies and powerful vocals. If you ever was fan of European or Icelandic modern folk music, you will love this album. You have to find time to fully enjoy the album as it contains 8 amazing tracks all worth checking out. A perfect thing for weekend thorough listening. Every listening will bring you new discoveries in this sea of music nuances. Find some time and dig deep. You will love it.

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Album: Last of the Iron Lungs – Last of the Iron Lungs [EP]

Finding artists on Bandcamp was always my favorite thing to do. Especially artists that are from Europe (from Scotland to be specific in this case). The songs are very lively, very energetic. Especially huge fan of the third track “Silk”. The lyrics are so catchy that you want to sing along after second hearing. I hope this artist gets bigger so I will be able to see him/them live in central Europe, maybe even Slovakia.

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Album: Rapt – Within Thrall

I love vocals and instruments in this album, especially the title track “Girl In Black” caught me. I do not know very much about the artist but I am kind of bummed that I have not heard of him before. I will be revisiting these few songs for some time. This album would be a perfect fit for Fox Food Records roster, if they were still active. I am so pleased to find another great folk music project from Britain. Folk scene in Britain amaze me very much. Give this short album try and feel the British land in it.

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Album: Goodwill, Good Will – Goodwill, Good Will [EP]

Are you fans of roster on Run For Cover Records or Topshelf Records? I am a huge fan. Goodwill, Good Will would fit there perfectly. This 4-track EP from last year contains great tracks that have to sound awesome live. If you are fan of harder music, you will dig this very much. I just wonder why it is not released on tape…

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Album: Covey – Dog& Bone [EP]

Covey is a folk rock project fronted by British multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Tom Freeman, who moved to USA for school, specifically Boston.

It’s cold and rainy May in Slovakia. You want to just wrap yourself in blanket and not to go outside. What you also need is music that will capture this atmosphere. Covey’s music is a perfect fit for this mood. Both tracks are beautiful and I am excited to dig deeper to his collection of music.

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