Album: Lonely Me – No Gaps Btwn Icy Slncs

“Shoegaze fuzzy rock songs from a lo-fi noise mind. Interstellar bedroom pop from an outsider jangly soul.”

I have always aimed to expand my coverage to Latin America, but I must admit that I haven’t had the opportunity to share many artists from that region. However, I recently came across a submission from Brazil that piqued my interest. As someone who is not yet familiar with the local music scene, I was excited to delve into this album. The music is a unique blend of fuzzy, noisy bedroom lo-fi rock with hints of shoegaze and jangly sounds in the background, hailing from the vibrant city of Rio De Janeiro. The songs are full of raw energy that is dominated by the guitar, creating a distinctive and captivating atmosphere. Overall, this album offers a refreshing glimpse into the undiscovered music scene of Brazil, and I hope to see more artists from this part of the world submitting their work in the future.

I even enjoyed this mysterious quote on their Bandcamp page:

“Urutau’s last chant for thy black steel moon
Like teenage skincare to remember life’s stumbles
A still joy of missing out, inside your storm
Chapter III, Deaf heaven (Haunted)”