Album: All Get Out – All Get Out

Released in November of 2023, All Get Out’s self-titled album All Get Out is full of thoughtful lyrics and catchy choruses that stick in your head. All Get Out is comprised of guitarist Kyle Samuel, vocalist and guitarist Nathan Hussey, and drummer Dominic Nastasi. Listening through this album from start to finish is a glorious journey of exploration of emotion that makes the listener feel something truly tangible. I have found myself screaming along to “Windows 98” and “Around It” as well as crying to “Trouble”. All Get Out is full of powerful vocals and a complimentary guitar that boosts every line. 

The first track, “Trouble”, has a perfect, softer sound while also still having a good amount of punch. The soft percussion in the chorus fits perfectly with the guitar to create a soundscape that reminds me of the feeling of stargazing in late spring or a night-time thunderstorm. In the chorus, Hussey sings “it’s easier for me to be near the bottom shelf” and then “laughing to the point of view, maybe passing out”. The combination of the cadence of the lyrics, Hussey’s voice, and the backing instrumentals creates a beautiful, unique sound that captures the listener. “Trouble” ends strong with the lyrics “you’re in waiting, don’t you know” repeating four times to gorgeous backing guitar.

The next track in the album, “Out of Pocket” is faster and harder than “Trouble” and packs a good punch. The first set of lyrics are strong and the way that they’re sung hits me hard in the chest. “Out of Pocket” is a song that deserves to be played at full volume while driving fast with the windows down. Strong vocals and hard-hitting lyrics help make “Out of Pocket” a must-listen song. 

Farther along in the album, we’re treated to the masterpiece that is “Windows 98”. The song starts with the line “maybe I’m a good one, does a bad one ever do a good thing?” The hard-hitting lyrics don’t end there – when the chorus behinds, we hear the lines “I don’t wanna be useless, I don’t wanna do shit, I wanna be still, I’d rather be here” and the cadence of the words combined with the electric guitar backing creates a super strong earworm of a chorus. Later in the song, the instrumental break ensnares the listener and is the perfect way to lead into the last chorus. Overall, “Windows 98” is a masterpiece that I can’t get out of my head. All Get Out is an album that is more than worth listening to. All Get Out is a truly talented band – they switch from softer acoustic songs to faster and harder electric sounds with ease and excel at both. There is something on All Get Out for every listener and every vibe – it is a must-listen and everyone deserves to hear it through at least once.

Written by Valor

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