EP: Victory Lap – Warm Up

“Victory Lap is a childhood friendship turned music duo. We can’t help but make music so we thought we might as well share it. This is our first EP release and is literally a warm up for what we see as a potential career path. We hope to be a group that can touch people the way so many touched us growing up in a small town in New Hampshire.”

We are currently working our way through the numerous submissions we have received over the past few months, and within this backlog, we came across a three-track EP that caught my attention. The EP features dreamy stripped-down indie pop with a laid-back atmosphere and dominant vocals that provide excellent company during your workday or for when you want to unwind late at night with some chill music that isn’t too complex. Each of the three songs on the EP is remarkably unique, and I’m confident that everyone will find a favorite among them. However, the EP as a whole is worth exploring from beginning to end, as it offers a refreshing take on indie R&B music from the East Coast.