Album: Baby Grendel – Baby Grendel

“Small Town Sci-Fi is an experimental, indie-rock lo-fi artist from Salinas California, currently residing in Berkeley. From his childhood spent in lonely walks through agricultural towns, to his time in the military, and in his journey from community college to graduate school, he has studied what he could of the universe and tried to find meaning. In 2018 after the death of a close family member left him lost, he found comfort in the music of a singer-songwriter from Memphis and for the first time…. found the meaning he had been looking for. He bought a guitar at a second hand shop and has been playing ever since, writing songs that help him understand his mental health, the pain he has felt and caused, and other emotions of life. He hopes, more than anything, to grow into a person that is good for the world as evidenced by his first EP Psycho set to release in May 2022. “

Allow me to share an interesting experience with you. Recently, I was introduced to an amazing song by a band called Small Town Sci-Fi. However, while I was in the process of writing about them, I discovered that they had rebranded themselves as Baby Grendel. This was a first for me, and I must admit that I found it quite challenging to switch to a new name. Nevertheless, I was impressed by their bold move to rebrand themselves after having already established a presence in the public domain.

I had the opportunity to listen to their latest album, and it was a delightful experience. The album comprises of lo-fi indie rock songs with experimental undertones, which gives it a unique and captivating sound. Each song has a distinct ambiance and a special vibe that, when combined, creates a colorful sound palette. Some tunes are mellow, while others are more energetic, but overall, the album was a fantastic listening experience. I enjoyed discovering the album piece by piece, and it left me with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment.