Album: bark dog – i’ll eat you, i love you

“bark dog is the recording project of nonbinary experimental musician/artist blair jasper”

“this album is about queer love, intimacy, BDSM, grief, family, friendship, trauma, getting older, and forgiveness.

dedicated to uncle paul and to kaleb yawand-wossen”

The musical artist known as Bark Dog has released a new album. Their previous album was introduced in May of last year on this blog. The new one is as good as the old one. Even better. The album features lo-fi guitars, lively energy, and captivating vocals. Upon listening to the album in its entirety, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the slacker lo-fi rock style, which I could listen to repeatedly. The songs’ experimental nature provides a unique and distinctive quality that sets it apart from other similar submissions we have received. Fans of Alex G may find this album particularly enjoyable. I loved it myself.

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