Single: Yokochi Bare – Back in the Saddle

“Introducing Yokochi Bare, the indie surf rock group hailing from Dallas, TX since 2013. Founded by the dynamic duo, Dylan Bare and Trevor Yokochi, this band began as a duo and has evolved into a captivating ensemble. Yokochi Bare’s music beautifully blends surf rock roots with synth pop, crafting timeless and nostalgic sounds that pay homage to the influential bands of the 1950s and 1960s. Their lineup features bassist Jake Nice and drummer Cameron Mills, joining the talents of vocalists/guitarists Dylan Bare and Trevor Yokochi.”

Although they have apparently been on the music scene for quite some time, the fact that they only have two songs available on streaming platforms makes me consider them as a fresh band. I stumbled upon their new dreamy, jangly, indie pop track which instantly mesmerized me with its captivating atmosphere. It seemed to me that the band was inspired by the old jangle pop and surfy vibes, which added a unique touch to their music. Listening to this track felt like a perfect preparation for the upcoming summer, even though the evenings are still cold in this spring season. The song is as refreshing as an ice cold soda and as delightful as a sweet snack.

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