Single: Amanda Esposito – These Days (getting me down)

“These Days (getting me down) is the first single from Amanda’s debut album. It was recorded with everyone in the room, to capture a dynamic and natural performance. Four musicians converged (including Grammy winner Robert Boone Jr. on drums) for their first session together. Amanda’s delicate yet confident vocals sit atop a fiery rendition. After two takes, the band exchanged grinning glances, all in agreement. “Yup. That was it!””

Initially, I wasn’t too impressed when I first listened to this song. However, I decided to give it another chance and gave it a more attentive listen. As I did so, I began to appreciate its beauty. The artist’s voice, accompanied by the laidback guitar in the background, creates an overall soft indie rock style that’s truly captivating. I’m excited to learn that it’s the first single from an upcoming album and can’t wait to give the whole album a listen. This new song is a great preview of what’s to come and has definitely piqued my interest at the end.

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