Single: Scoobert Doobert – see you again?

“A testament to savoring the good times, Scoobert Doobert accentuates his sentimental side on “see you again?” which keeps the wheels turning during his new album’s rollout. The community that surrounds Scoobert Doobert reflects back to the producer-artist the love he exudes, with a string of collaborations to compliment his project’s trending momentum this year. With recent collab tracks alongside the likes of Limón Limón, and upcoming ones with Teddi Gold and India Thieriot, he’s grooving smoothly and steadily ascending.

Over the past few months, we have been fortunate enough to have the pleasure of listening to the captivating indie pop tunes of Scoobert Doobert. I must admit that I have been thoroughly enjoying his music, which has a unique and distinctive style that stands out from the rest of the indie pop submissions we receive. I am delighted to have the opportunity to share his music with you, and I strongly recommend that you take the time to explore his entire discography. You won’t be disappointed!

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