Single: Christina’s Trip – My Friend

“prior to starting Christina’s Trip, Christina was in a band called My Friend, and this song was a powerhouse anthem for that project. However in the wake of the pandemic, My Friend broke up, circumstances changed, and friendships became distant—and in that, the song has taken on new life, as a more wistful tune on deep longing.”

I’m happy to hear that Christina’s Trip is releasing their highly anticipated debut album on the San Francisco-based indie label, Cherub Dream Records. I’ve been a fan of this label for a while now and have already enjoyed some of their previous releases. What’s exciting is that there are already two singles out from this upcoming album, and I have been listening to them quite frequently. The music is a blend of lo-fi shoegaze rock that is both captivating and energetic, thanks to the guitars and vocals. The lead singer’s voice has a unique quality that reminds me of bands like Sonic Youth, where Kim Gordon’s voice was an integral part of the songs. I’m particularly drawn to the new song, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. It’s sure to be a treat for the ears!