Single: juicer – Let Go

juicer is an indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY consisting of James Pratley Watson (guitar/vocals), Donovan Edelstein (drums), Carlo DiBiaggio (bass) and Greg Crotty (guitar). They formed in early 2023 and have since enmeshed themselves into the vibrant indie rock community of NYC and beyond, playing at clubs in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Boston and Philly. Their independently released debut singles, ‘Trickin‘ and ‘Family Man‘ debuted on David Dean’s Burkhart’s YouTube channel and the latter was featured on’s February 2024 Indie Playlist.

juicer is fronted by California-native James Watson. In his previous projects (Pratley, Criminal Hygiene) he has opened for Haim, toured with Parcels, shared the stage with Twin Peaks, Boyo, Bleached and many more. His singles and albums have been released to critical acclaim on publications such as FADER, Wonderland, Stereogum and Aquarium Drunkard. Watson had the idea for juicer after a move from his hometown of LA to NYC in 2021, which prompted an outpouring of new songs touching on the stories, dreams, struggles and hopes associated with leaving home. In order to realize these new songs, Watson recruited heavy-hitters from the local indie scene in his new home of Brooklyn, including engineer Hayden Ticehurst (Jordana, Winter), drummer Preston Fulks (Momma) and producer/guitarist Jeremy McLennan (The Life, Orchin, Sadie). What resulted is an effortlessly beautiful 8-song record that is a fresh take on 90s/00s style indie rock. The name, ‘Retire The Fences’, is a Beach Boys lyric taken from the song, ‘Feel Flows’ – a track that inspired Watson to begin writing songs when he was a teenager. The record will be released independently on May 10th, 2024.

In anticipation of the upcoming album release in May, a press release has been issued for the first single. The single showcases a captivating blend of lo-fi dreamy indie rock with subtle hints of shoegaze influences in the background. The song creates a unique and mesmerizing atmosphere, which is further enhanced by the raw and unpolished energy that it exudes. The artist behind this track has managed to create a refreshing and distinct sound that is both familiar and new at the same time. The song has a certain quality that makes it stand out from the rest, and it has been on repeat for many fans who are eagerly awaiting the album’s release. With its captivating sound, this single has certainly set high expectations for the upcoming album, and fans are excited to see what the artist has in store for them.