Single: Imaginary Family – How We Have Changed

“Imaginary Family is the moniker of Joanna Isselé, born in the French Alps and currently residing in Ghent, Belgium. Despite not picking up a guitar until the age of 23, she swiftly established herself as a captivating musician. Drawing from diverse influences including science, poetry, magic realism, and her own life experiences, Joanna infuses her songs with haunting melodies and dynamic arrangements. Her latest single, How We Have Changed, delves into the poignant theme of how individuals often lose sight of their childhood dreams amidst the demands and pressures of adulthood. How We Have Changed is the first single of Joanna’s debut album scheduled for release in the fall of 2024. In the album, produced by Pieter Van Dessel (Marble Sounds), Imaginary Family explores new depths, expanding her indie folk to a broader musical palette.”

I wrote this song during my days of commuting to my full-time job on the outskirts of Brussels. As I hopped on and off trains and buses amidst the bustling crowds, I observed the sea of people in business attire. And I couldn’t help but wonder: were they always this serious or was it just a façade? Did they remember the dreams and aspirations they had when they were young? Did I? I found myself questioning whether the vibrant dreams we once held had faded into the background amidst the demands of adulthood and responsibility.”

The press release provided a wonderful introduction to the latest single by a talented Belgian artist. In my personal opinion, the song is a delightful blend of dreamy yet upbeat indie folk-pop, with a strong emphasis on the vocals and a vibrant sound palette that features a wide range of instruments. The resulting musical collage is simply beautiful and a true feast for the senses. I am eagerly anticipating the release of the artist’s upcoming album, as this song has already set a high bar for quality and creativity. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece and am excited to discover more of the artist’s work in the future.