Album: Radical Kitten – Uppercat

The newest album by French noise rockers, Radical Kitten, is an all-out brawl! The album, aptly named Uppercat, is an energetic, noisy auditory fist fight. And make no mistake, this cat has CLAWS. It begins with “Never on Time”, which feels like a prize fighter circling their opponent, entrancing them while waiting to deliver a nasty right hook. Blistering, jittery guitars encapsulates the bloodthirsty cheers of a crowd anticipating the ensuing frenzy.

After this sonic-sizing up, Radical Kitten attacks with “Mouse Trap”. This track calls to mind Sleater-Kinney at their most chaotic. A frantic guitar riff and fantastic drum work freak out, as a bassline made for headbanging, hops back and forth between notes. The shouted lyrics are urgent and unapologetic. This is followed by the equally noisy and interestingly woozy title track. Snappy snare hits, locked in bass playing and grungy guitar whip the track along as we receive more screamed, energetic lead vocals.

We are then treated to a one-two punch of “No Means No” and “Fake as Fuck” which sees Uppercat at their most venomous. Although these two tracks are the shortest on the album, they feel most like the album’s thesis statement: blistering, high energy and noisy punk rock that underscores the calling out of creeps, disingenuous scumbags, and other hurtful people while putting them in their place.

The album is rounded out with the tiptoeing “Afraid to Die” which expresses the ever-present concern of ceasing to be alive. This track has a fantastic, ethereal breakdown before kicking us in the head once more before its succinct ending. Album-ender “Worst Friend” sees Uppercat calling out one last former acquaintances with punctuated drum + bass hits and a catchy vocal refrain over an angular guitar riff.

Uppercat is available now on cassette, vinyl, and digitally.

Written by John Brouk

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