EP: Bobby Edge – III at Breeze

Just 16 months after his debut album Bobby Edge has released a follow up 5 song EP and it continues to prove that Bobby Edge is one of the most creative and unique artists on the scene today. This stellar 5 song mix of surf rock, doo wop, and 50s inspired rock is one of the most original sounding albums you will hear today- but it’s not just about being unique or original- there is a definite focus on making music that sounds good and is well put together. With personal lyrics that often deal with mental health, and song titles that often feature puns and wordplay, Bobby Edge rides a wave that connects a lost past with very modern and current focus. 

The album begins with “Full Swede Ahead” and borrows A slightly sped up version of the “Ooga Chaka” from Blue Swede’s intro to their 1974 cover of “Hooked on a Feeling”, meanwhile, the song has surf rock vibes, excellent harmonizing vocals, surf symbolism with references to the tide coming in- but underneath it all the song deals with feeling lonely in a crowd and dealing with anxiety. Masking mental health issues with fun playful rhythms is one of the biggest hallmarks Bobby Edge’s music so far.

“Baja Blast Beats” features some of the more doowop influences on the album with outstanding harmonies backing vocals and a touch of call and response vocals. “Kaimana” is especially fun as it features the most stark juxtaposition between the lyrics against the melody. The classic rhythm and blues harmonies mask the lyrics if you aren’t paying close attention and you might miss the first verse ending with “and we’ll take a little time to unwind and learn to tell the trolls to fuck off”. However you are unlikely to miss the second verse ending “we’ll smoke a little weed, that’s what we need, to avoid a panic attack”. The surf rock rhythms and “ooh-woo-oo” melody from the harmonies continue as the song samples a 1980s era anti-drug PSA. 

I absolutely love Bobby Edge and everything he’s put out so far. It’s so far from my wheelhouse, yet it always feels like it’s calling me to listen. It’s so incredibly different from everything that everyone else is doing and from what most people are listening to that it begs to be listened to just to see what it’s all about. For some people there is a nostalgic draw to something they listened to in a long past era, but I’m not a part of that group. I have no ties to any of the influences of this music and yet, it still calls me to listen. Even if you don’t think this sounds like your kind of music, you need to listen just to experience it and see if maybe there is a place in your life for something different.

Written by Gimpleg