Single: Nothine – woe

Slovakia based alternative rock band that brings in a self-proclaimed new wave of music. Self-taught but receptive musicians whose goal is to influence others as they were influenced by their idols. We want people to feel a strong emotion from our music. It’s always up to them whether the emotion is good or bad the importatnt thing is that it’s there and they feel it. We take inspiration from different people, and feelings which makes each of our sounds diverse but full of emotion.

As a music enthusiast, it is always a pleasure for me to share music from my country, Slovakia, on my blog. However, it’s a rarity to come across local bands that truly capture my interest. Nonetheless, over the past year or so, I have been fortunate enough to discover several promising bands that are making exceptional music, including Mishino, Eversame, URGES, Small Town Life, Cherries & Therapy, and many more. There’s an abundance of great music being produced right now, and I am thrilled to add another one to my list. Nothine is a grunge emo alternative rock band from Bratislava, my city, that draws inspiration from the 90s music scene. Their single, “woe,” is an excellent piece of music that I am currently enjoying.

Additionally, the band has recently released another single, which I have included below for you to check out.