Single: In-Sides – Mud

“After a couple of years of post-pandemic hoarding and sifting through various demos, Bay Area indie rockers In-Sides announce their latest EP, Salvo, slated for release on 6/12/24, with the lead single “Mud” available on 4/23/24. From themes of alienation to screen addiction to narcissism, Salvo offers a lush and pensive yet succinct collection of tracks, blending dream pop and grunge elements across six songs with ethereal and distorted guitars and doubled choruses.”

I stumbled upon an amazing new song from a California-based band that I think would be a perfect fit for our new grunge playlist. It’s also a nice addition to the shoegaze-infused artists we’ve been sharing recently on our blog. What I really love about this song is its strong 90s influence, which is a genre that was quite popular during the years when I was born. The energy coming from this song is simply spectacular, and it has me raring to check out the whole EP once it’s released. I can’t wait to see what else this band has in store for us.

Do not forget to pre-order the EP and get it on cassette.