Interview: Full Blown Meltdown + Album: Mollify

Over the years, Will Green has created music under different names and toured with various bands but finally found the sound he had been searching for with Full Blown Meltdown. After 3 years of working on Mollify along with his friend Tony McVaney (ERGOtheEgo), Full Blown Meltdown’s debut album came out with a bang in October of 2023. The hard work and curation of the post-punk album’s 11 energetic tracks is evident. Full Blown Meltdown is a fresh start. An outlet. A challenge to keep going.

In addition to the impact he’s made through his music, Will has become a pillar of the DIY scene. Will helps bring together and uplift a community of musicians and music lovers alike through his consistent support and publishing lists such as his current run of “30 Bands That Are Going to be Huge.”

I was incredibly lucky to be able to talk with Will more about his journey with Full Blown Meltdown. You can read the interview in its entirety below: 

For anyone that hasn’t checked it out yet, how would you describe your album Mollify?

It’s tough to put it in words, but it’s a journey back to the early 2000’s that has evolved into today’s music! I spent years working on it with my best friend and we kind of formed the album and sound of FBM as we went along the way. It starts with a voicemail and contains eleven ‘messages’, each one wilder than the last!

Do you have a favorite memory from making Mollify?

Oh definitely a few! Most of them are of being in the studio and goofing off with Tony as we fully realized what this could be! But recording fake drums with water jugs and screaming along to goofy parts while we jumped around the room and laid on bathroom floors are up there as things I’ll never forget.

You’ve mentioned before that you were happy that you started Full Blown Meltdown at the age you are now. I’d love to hear more about what that journey with music looked like for you. What inspired you to start? Did you have any obstacles getting started?

I used to be in some larger touring bands (some with Tony even) and when my dad passed away almost a decade ago I lost all my drive for music. After years and years of trying to move on I realized that his love for music and sharing it with me would be a lost memory if I didn’t get back to doing this. He would have hated that I stopped playing, and that kind of threw me back into the mix.

What would be your biggest piece of advice to anyone who feels like it’s “too late” for them to start making music?

It is NEVER too late! Most of the bands I listened to growing up I STILL listen to, and those dudes are in their 50’s and 60’s new! I always thought they were way younger when I was a kid, but then realized wow… they were in their 30’s and 40’s, and that’s WHY they were so good at writing music!

You have such a positive relationship with the DIY scene across social media, always uplifting others in the community. I love that. How does that relationship influence you and your music?

For one, it really inspires me to continually try to get better at my instruments, cause these young kids coming up now are GOOD. On a more serious note though, I just want to be a guide to them, even if I myself never make it. I feel like that’s something this scene is missing a lot of times: Someone who has been there and been ripped off trying to help the next generation NOT get ripped off.

Have you been able to experience a similar relationship with your local DIY scene?

I have a really weird life and live on the road, so I have no one particular local scene, however everywhere I go I try to get involved and go to shows! I’ve been accepted in so many scenes along the years and I’m incredibly grateful!

I know you’ll be playing Fauxchella in just a couple of months (can’t wait)! Any other shows, releases, etc. we should be on the lookout for?

Yes actually! A split with The Acid Flashback at Nightmare Beach and Cyborg9k will be coming late this summer! As well as another surprise this October!

Any last thoughts or things you want to plug?

Be kind to each other and accepting in the scene. Everyone (besides abusers) deserves a place here at the table. When a new person comes to a show, greet them and welcome them in. It can make a huge difference in their lives. Trust me. I was one of those weird kids in the corner for too long.  

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