Single: Wooll – Copy of Acoustic

Wooll is an emerging indie rock band based out of Providence, Rhode Island. Gearing up for their inaugural album release, they have released multiple singles that show the variety and uniqueness of their sound. Ranging from jangly guitar hooks, to warm boppy rhythms reinforced by acoustic guitar, Wooll promises fun, intrigue, emotional depth, and intelligence captured in part by a wide spectrum of lyrical topics and subjects. Watch Wooll!

This is the second single from emerging indie band, Wooll, based in Providence, Rhode Island. It mixes warm acoustic rhythms with jangly electric guitar to create a unique and driving indie-dreampop sound that is distinct and its own, yet reminiscent of new wave– and even a bit of surf coming from the lead guitar. Copy of Acoustic is a part of Wooll’s inaugural album, scheduled for release in April 2024.

I have a passion for discovering and sharing music from up-and-coming and under-the-radar bands. There’s something about being on the ground floor of a new musical movement that is especially thrilling to me. Recently, I stumbled upon a band that is currently working on a new album. One of the songs off this upcoming album is a dreamy indie rock track that I can’t get enough of. With its jangly, catchy, and ethereal sound, it hits all the right notes for me and is easily something I could listen to all day.

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