Single: Qozy – What can I say to you when we both lost someone we love?

“A song about grieving with a friend and trying to find the right words to say.”

I have some information that might interest you! There’s a talented artist called Qozy that I happen to be familiar with. We’ve previously featured this artist’s work, and I have to say, their music is truly noteworthy. In fact, we included one of their tracks in our Valentine’s Day compilation, which was very well-received. Now, I have some exciting news – Qozy has released a brand new song! Once again, this track is a stunning example of slowcore lo-fi rock. If you enjoyed their previous work, I’m sure you’re going to love this one too.

As our writer Chris wrote:

“Qozy is a San Francisco-based songwriter and producer who makes utterly blissed out lo-fi music, heavily influenced by mumbly slowcore and slacker indie. It is understated and embodies a DIY and minimalist approach.”