EP: Absolutely Yours – Mirror Maze

Absolutely Yours is a dream pop project lead by Bridget Collins. Infusing the dreamy atmospheres of shoegaze with an indie rock heart, Absolutely Yours conjures ethereal pop soundscapes where introspective lyricism floats over shimmering melodies. The band released their first EP, “Impossible Bouquet” in 2018 on Living Waters Records. Their sound has been compared to Cigarettes After Sex if it was played at 45 rpm, Alvvays, and Mr. Twin Sister. After moving back to her hometown of Minneapolis in 2021, Collins began working on the band’s latest release, “Mirror Maze.” Through lush arrangements and heartfelt lyricism, “Mirror Maze” invites audiences on a tumultuous journey of self-discovery, navigating the labyrinth of one’s own desires and inhibitions.

I have recently discovered Bridget’s latest album and I am thoroughly impressed with the dreamy bedroom rock songs it offers. From the very first track, I was captivated by the lush melodies that transported me to a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere. What I love about this album is its unique style that is evident in each song, creating a colorful and diverse sound palette. It’s like taking a joyful listening ride that is full of surprises. I could simply close my eyes and let the waves of melodies and harmonies wash over me, leaving me completely mesmerized.

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