Album: Chatterton – Fields Of This

“Chatterton was formed in 2017 as the solo project of California native Brock Pierce, culminating in a handful of self-recorded demo albums released on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. It wasn’t until 2021, when Pierce released Chatterton’s first studio single “Smut”, that he met multi-instrumentalist and producer Logan Scrivner. Shortly after his entrance into the band as the drummer, Scrivner and Pierce began further collaboration, prompting a nearly three year long album recording endeavor. The culmination of their work being the debut studio album “Fields Of This” which releases on March 29, 2024 via the Los Angeles based label 7th Heaven.

“Fields Of This” marks a departure from the stripped back lo-fi sounds of previous releases, showcasing the duo’s newly expanded sound due in part from Scrivner’s meticulous production and engineering. From pedal steel soaked ballads like “Pretty Things” to explosive, frantic balls of sound like “Lakewood”, the album is an ever expanding car ride of sound highlighting the blend of the duo’s songwriting approach.”

I recently stumbled upon a new album in your submissions, and I have been eagerly waiting for its release day to share it with you. This album is a brilliant blend of lo-fi indie rock with some 90’s vibes and a touch of experimental or country music, which makes it even more intriguing. As I listened to the album, some songs immediately reminded me of Sonic Youth, particularly ‘God’s Little Hands,’ and it filled me with nostalgia as it brought back memories of listening to Sonic Youth with my brother when we were younger.

This album is a masterpiece of slacker-ish lo-fi rock music, and every track is unique and captivating. The album is full of interesting tracks that make listening to it highly enjoyable. Although this album may not get a lot of coverage, it should not be missed as it has something for everyone. The band’s unique sound and unconventional approach to music make this album a must-listen for all indie music lovers.

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