Single: Zoya Zafar – Sweet Talk

“Zoya Zafar sings with a remarkable assurance and intimate warmth, effortlessly weaving hymns of haunting, torchy, jazz-inflected heartbreak that are minimal but never stark, lush but with plenty of space to breathe – and swoon – as needed.

Zafar, born in Lahore, Pakistan but raised in Orlando, Florida, is a self-taught musician and singer who has been writing songs and playing out locally and around Florida since her teens, earning her a diverse fanbase across underground subcultures in the Sunshine state.”

“New single Sweet Talk is a mesmerizing dream-pop reflection on the bittersweet complexities of human connection. Zafar’s breathy vocals are adrift in a lush and ethereal shimmer of delicate guitar and electronics arranged by Helgemo. The song’s hypnotic chorus captures the vulnerability of validation and obsessive fixation, despite the resulting emptiness. Sweet Talk is a song that meditates on the nature of longing and the sometimes painful reality of infatuation.”

This newly released single has captured my heart in more than one way. Firstly, the song itself is a beautiful masterpiece that instantly pulls you in with its melody. It’s a heart-melting track that is hard to resist falling in love with. Secondly, this song holds a special place in my heart as it’s a part of a new album that is soon going to be released on cassettes. Although pre-orders are not open yet, I highly recommend you to follow Zoya’s Bandcamp page so that you don’t miss out on this beautiful album.

Speaking of the album, it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have listened to in a while. Zoya’s dreamy indie pop style of music is simply mesmerizing. I am proud that our little label will help give this album a life onto cassettes. It’s the kind of music that has the potential to reach out to so many people and become their instant favorite. As I listen to this newest track, I can’t help but get lost in the beautiful melody and Zoya’s enchanting voice.

Zoya is doing a mini-tour, so do not miss a chance to see her play live.

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