Single: Easy Sleeper – Pleasure Thrills

“This is the second single from Easy Sleeper’s forthcoming album out later this fall.

“As a creative person, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my work with people and hearing their interpretation of what it means to them. I don’t believe there is one right answer for each piece of artistic output” says guitarist & vocalist Doug Guttenberger, “This aspect of creativity, along with the basic visceral experience of hearing or seeing something new, has always driven me to seek out new music, movies, and novels. For ‘Pleasure Thrills’, I wanted to talk about that. The legacy of ambiguity in art and whether that’s shifting. If it is changing, is that positive or negative? However, the last thing I want to do is answer those questions for the listener. I’ve tried to set the stage by providing stimulating mental imagery while also leaving the listener with ample room to reach their own conclusions.”

Bandmate David Poznansky adds that the song “conveys frustration with modern cultural output.” Poznansky references the writer Carlee Gomes, who argues that there’s been a shift towards unambiguous, unchallenging art full of “familiar characters, endless sequels and reduxes, franchises that stretch decades, a world that is constantly looking back and never forward to something new, something not previously made or tested.” Gomes goes on to say that in the past, creative output was more “ambiguous as to what constitutes ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and ‘normal’ or ‘not normal,’ which is true to human nature…” Providing his conclusion, David says “This is what I hear when performing and listening to ‘Pleasure Thrills’ — a call to return to that form of creation and engagement.” “Pleasure Thrills” showcases layers of cycling guitar, rolling rhythm, and shimmering composition with a hint of nostalgia .

The chorus is Guttenberger’s reaction to what he sees in the cultural landscape. The shift in tone to more aggressive vocals indicates that whatever his conclusions, they aren’t making him happy.

Shared a press release, which accompanied a new single we received in our inbox. This song from the upcoming album which is a blend of surfy and dreamy indie rock, infused with a lively and energetic vibe. From my personal listening experience, I found myself drawn to the captivating guitar riffs that had a hooking effect on me. The guitar solo parts were a standout feature that I enjoyed so much that I had to replay them multiple times. The band’s exceptional craftsmanship is evident in this single, which has the potential to make waves in the music industry.

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