Single: Wave Beam – Look to the Sun

“Wave Beam is a newly developed Northern California based indie rock band with heavy post-shoegaze and dream-pop influences. Wave Beam ultimately offers a wide range of indie inspired sounds within upcoming releases that change from single to single, and album to album. Catch Wave Beam playing shows up and down the West Coast as 2024 unfolds.”

“Look to the Sun” is a song driven by ambient guitars and swells of ethereal vocals that transition into an emotionally empowering chorus followed by an intense bridge. “Look to the Sun” feels like a dream from long ago when it was easier to see glimmers of hope and sunshine in the world. “Look to the Sun” allows the listener to believe in that hope again within its psychedelic and emotionally thralling wall of sound.”

Dream pop and dream rock have been a significant interest of mine, as they provide an ideal soundtrack to my life. I find that when I close my eyes and allow the music to wash over me, dream pop is the perfect genre for this purpose. Recently, I discovered a new track from a newly formed band that feels like waves crashing on the shore and making the water get into the air, slowly filling up my nostrils. This fresh breeze is something I miss dearly, having lived in a country without a sea or ocean.

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