Album: Nurture Nurture – Emergence

I received a submission for the song I Am Worse Than a Drug from this album together with the following message:

“My therapy notes from being around the heavy drinking that happens with my family and friends between Christmas and New Years.

I discovered I had an inadequacy core value and that people would always choose alcohol and the drunk version of me over having an actual relationship with me.

Based on the music of “Your Arms Are My Cocoon”, “Algernon Cadwallader”, “The Brave Little Abacus” and “Say Anything.” This was my attempt to crystallize my ability to write and execute the midwest emo genre.”

Jeff, who (probably) wrote this message, is sober now and I am so thankful for him to share this with us. A lot of people are struggling in this world and sharing personal stories can help a lot. So if you are struggling with anything in your life, our DMs are always open for chat. Do not hesitate and reach out.

Back to music though. I decided a couple of months back to discover more great new wave emo bands and this is another step closer to my goal. I recommend checking out our superb playlist, which I listen to regularly as it is so good.

The album is a captivating blend of emotional math-rock and emo songs that are bound to move you both musically and lyrically. With each track radiating a contagious energy, the album’s guitar riffs are particularly noteworthy and have the ability to leave a lasting impression. As a self-proclaimed fan of emo music, I must say that this album is undoubtedly one of the coolest I have had the pleasure of listening to in recent times. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an exceptional musical experience.

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