Album: Stinkus – 23

I received a submission for this album with the song ’23’ and this quote:

“It’s about taking a new found love on a date to a show, specifically when I went to see Youth Lagoon. The singers name is Trevor so that’s what the first line is about. It’s really just a recount of the night we had and I wrote it when I got home.”

You can watch the video for that single:

The album I have been eagerly anticipating has finally been released, and I must say, it has been absolutely mesmerizing. The slacker indie lo-fi rock genre has never sounded better with catchy guitar riffs, emo-ish vibes in some songs, and an overall amazing energy that will hit you right away. If you are a fan of artists like Alex G, then you should definitely give this album a listen. The songs in the album have different moods and a little bit of a different style of melodies, but together, they create a very solid album. I was completely captivated by the music and enjoyed exploring each song in detail. I am confident that you too will have a great time listening to it.

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