Single: Iain Mann – Fugue of the Wino (Con Fuga De Wayno)

“UK-based American singer-songwriter Iain Mann writes warm indie-folk songs that carry a colorful portrayal of familiar heroes, villains, and loved ones.”

“Fugue of the Wino (Con Fuga De Wayno)” is the first single from the upcoming album “Magic Tracks” by Iain Mann featuring Sandy’s. The was produced in collaboration with Alexi Glickman of Sandy’s and was later mixed & mastered by David Glasebrook (Sugar Candy Mountain, Sam Burton, Credit Electric).”

I am excited to share that my favorite record label, Royal Oakie Records, has unveiled a new artist and an upcoming album that will be released later this month. Although I am saving the full press release for the album feature post, I couldn’t resist sharing some details about the new single that has recently been released. The song is a beautiful blend of Peru folk music, which was a major influence on the artists during their childhood. I am absolutely mesmerized by the intricate instrumental melodies and have been listening to this song on repeat ever since I discovered it. The magic of this song has me eagerly anticipating the full album release. From what I can gather, this new single hints at a great album to come.

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