Single: Hello London – All I Want Is A Road To Take

James Froese is the person behind the Buffalo, NY band Hello London, and his most recent release, “All I Want Is A Road To Take”, came out on February 2, 2024. “All I Want Is A Road To Take” has a very nostalgic sound, reminiscent of summer, complete with a “coming of age” feeling. James Froese shows off his lyrical skills with this song, the word tone, cadence, and choice all contributing to the nostalgic sound.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing “All I Want Is A Road To Take” and I wish I could erase it from my memory just so that I could hear it and experience it again for the first time. I adore the “coming of age” sound and the gorgeous lyricism. If you’re working on a new playlist, “All I Want Is A Road To Take” would be a wonderful addition.

Written by Valor