Single: porch kiss x frans asthma – burn like a cigarette

‘You burn like a cigarette on my arm’

porch kiss and frans asthma are two wonderful artists that we are lucky enough to release on the label. I was thrilled to learn that they had teamed up for this one-off single and needless to say, the result is glorious. It is the sweetest and dearest, slowcore-coded bedroom pop with a type of pure melancholy that is honestly hard to place. Lyrically, it serves as a raw reminder that sometimes the things we love with everything we have are the things that bring the most pain.

From the artist – ‘after writing a handful of instrumentals, one was sent to frans asthma, who then sent me these lush vocal harmonies and haunting lyrics within a matter of hours. I happened to be spending the weekend on the coast and found this song pairs well with a coffee in hand, by the water, alone.’

porch kiss –

frans asthma –