Album: sid forbid – Moosehead

The latest album that I came across is from a talented lo-fi bedroom folk artist hailing from Leeds, UK. I was introduced to their music through our 4th compilation and was immediately hooked. The warmth of the lo-fi sound combined with the soulful folk influences and classic bedroom pop songwriting create a truly captivating collection of songs that deserve to be discovered.

The music takes me back in time to the early days of Z Tapes and artists like bedbug who were masters of this sound and always managed to create a unique and distinctive atmosphere that is hard to come by. This album has brought back all those nostalgic feelings and I can’t help but be drawn to its charm.

Overall, this album provides a delightful listening experience that is definitely worth exploring from start to finish. The artist has done an exceptional job of creating a fun and captivating album that is sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

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