Album: Porcine – Porcine

Starting extremely strong with “Stop The World”, Porcine’s third and newest album, Porcine, is full of dreamy, enchanting vocals and gorgeous instrumentals. Porcine is a band from the UK comprised of Sam Horton, Giannis Kipreos, and Georgia Murphey. Since Porcine’s formation in 2018, they have released three albums and a handful of singles, all of which are wonderful to listen to and destined to be earworms. 

Porcine’s eight tracks are all unique and captivating in their own ways. “Stop The World” draws you in and ensnares you with a catchy melody and upbeat backing guitar. The chorus begins with the lyrics “Stop the world, I think I’m getting off, I think I’ve had enough” and the way that the lyrics are sung combined with the way the vocals are mixed creates a dream-like atmosphere that’s hard to break away from and get out of your head. The next track, “Layaway”, has almost ethereal, catchy vocals that are so easy to want to sing along to. Further along in the album we’re treated to “Work It Out For Yourself”, a song that’s destined to get stuck in your head with deliciously catchy guitar melodies, and “Time Never Moves”, which has a nostalgic sound reminiscent of summer vacations and childhood adventures. Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the range of themes explored within Porcine and the variety of melodies utilized while staying true to a dreamy indie motif. With sounds that remind me of perfect weather and road trips, it’s not hard to envision Porcine becoming one of the DIY albums of the summer.

Out on Safe Suburban Home Records.

Written by Valor