Single: Harper – home again

Home Again is the new single from Leicester bedroom-pop duo Harper, out 17th April. The track coincides with the announcement of their debut album, The Mother Root, which releases on 3rd May via Devil Town Tapes (cassette) and Subjangle (CD).

Starting by describing the draw towards the comfort of home, the track recounts driving through Gumley, a village in rural Leicestershire that has long provided them with a sense of familiarity and safety. The song ends with the duo recalling how they almost missed a gig from their favourite band, Hovvdy, embarking on a frantic sprint through the streets of London to get to the venue in time. It was in these moments that they realised “home” wasn’t just a physical place; it was a feeling of belonging and the life experiences we all have.

I can’t forget when we were only,
Running so fast to get to Hovvdy,
Those are the times that I hold closely,
‘Cause when we dance, we dance so slowly

The track is taken from their debut album, The Mother Root, with the band having previously shared singles Flowers, Gumley, Rings, and Great Oak from the record. The first ideas for the album came in March 2023, one month before Matthew and Sadie got married, with work on the album wrapping up at the start of 2024. The album sees them reuniting with engineers and friends Bennett Littlejohn (mix) and Edsel Holden (master).”

The following passage is taken from a press release that not only talks about a new single but also an upcoming album that I am eagerly waiting to share with you. There is something special planned for that occasion. Harper is one of my most beloved bands, although they are not signed to our label. They are the number one for me. I cannot stress enough how much I adore their music and how much I cherish them as people. Matt and Sadie, the duo behind Harper, create the most delightful and captivating dream pop that I have come across in ages. Their music is truly a work of art, and if Devil Town Tapes, my favorite label, had not already signed them for a cassette release, I would have done it without a second thought. If you haven’t yet listened to Harper’s music, I urge you to do so right away. Turn up the volume, immerse yourself in their melodies, and spread the word about how fantastic their music truly is.

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Watch this dreamy video as well: