Introducing: Trinket – New Hobby + 3 Qs

“Since they first emerged back in late 2023, New York trio trinket have been making a name for themselves with their beautiful mix of jangle pop and shoegaze. Today they are releasing their debut EP, ‘New Hobby’ via London tastemakers, Sad Club Records.

To celebrate the band have released the breezy title track, a playful slice of indie-pop with chiming guitars, a danceable drumbeat and, lead singer, M.K.’s wry lyrics at its heart.

“New Hobby is the song that kind of sums up the whole EP” M.K. explains. “It’s about looking at the scope of the past couple of years of my life which were when all of these songs were written. Letting go of jobs, relationships, habits. It’s about looking at a transitional time in your life with lightness instead of anxiousness. Letting go of things to let new things in.”

The EP title ‘New Hobby’ is something of a joke given how seriously the band have been taking their new musical venture, with the record being a beautiful summation of their song-writing journey so far.

“This is the first release of ours, and the process of having this out in the world has been so emotional and special. I’ll never ever forget it. This is the first time I’ve gotten to work with people to create something from thin air and let myself follow through and share it regardless of the anxieties and fears that come from it. The process of making this has given the gift of meeting some of the most incredible friends in my bandmates. I don’t know if I could ever fully thank everyone who has helped make this happen enough.”

Previous singles have received praise from the likes of DIY, Clash, For the Rabbits and Atwood Magazine, as well as playlist support from So Young and Rough Trade and plays on BBC 6 Music.  

Originally started as a solo project for songwriter Madison Kate (vocals, guitar), she was quickly joined by like-minded friends Basil Lee (drums) and Nara Avakian (bass), as well as co-writer and occasional live member Sean Camargo, and Trinket was born.

The band’s name was chosen as it represents a strong sense of their sound, something tender and sentimental, and that quilts together their shared love of jangle pop, shoegaze, and twee. The Sarah Records bands that initially inspired them have proven to be a jumping off point for their first songs and recordings as the band explore their sound.

“Listening to Heavenly, Brighter, Dolly Mixture and The Wake, this sound subconsciously weaved its way into what we started to write M.K. explains. “It feels so full circle to be working with a UK-based label on this release.”

Having been gigging around New York for the last year or so, the band will be heading down to the Lone Star state for this year South x South West festival in Austin, Texas.

I apologize for posting the full press release, but I thought it was important to share the compelling story of Trinket, a fuzzy jangle pop band from New York City. Recently, they released their latest EP on the British label, Sad Club Records.

The EP is an impressive blend of classic jangle pop, fuzzy guitars, and hints of shoegaze. This combination results in a refreshing and unique sound palette, which is a rare find these days. Each song on the EP has its own distinctive style, making it the perfect collection of music.

If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to check out Trinket’s latest EP. It’s a remarkable piece of work that will leave you mesmerized. Don’t forget to grab a cassette to have the complete experience!

I reached out to the band and asked our 3 Qs. Madison Kate Proffitt replied.

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

It took me such a long time to realize that I was going to make music, but I can see that for my whole adult life it’s something I had wanted. I’ve been going to shows, making playlists, buying records and CD’s with my spare money since I was little. Going to see bands I love gives me this feeling in my chest that is like a spark. Like, I am so inspired by this and have to go create something of my own. I think this feeling still keeps me writing! I’m so inspired by other music. It’s done so much for me that it’s made me want to contribute.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

The most challenging thing for me (and I think a lot of people can relate) is self doubt! The thing that kept me from making music for quite a while was the belief that I had nothing important enough to say or that whatever I made wouldn’t be “good enough”. Good enough compared to what? I still experience a lot of this and it kind of manifests as impostor syndrome. When we release a song, there is this floaty sense of detachment that is almost like everything that is happening is happening to someone else, or like when something good happens to your close friend. The truth is that no matter how much I feel that I don’t deserve whatever good things are happening, they are happening regardless and trying to be present is honoring the hard work I’ve put in to this band. What has helped the most is collaborating with my bandmates, celebrating these victories together. The more we’ve been working together, the more real things feel, and the more easy it’s been to start to celebrate how far we’ve come!

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

My dream is to be able to create a sustainable living off of this for my bandmates and myself! I have always known that I was going to do something musical and creative with my life. I grew up doing musical theatre for 15+ years, singing, and playing instruments. Getting to have more time to give to this band outside of work would be my ultimate goal. I had so many goals with starting Trinket that we’ve started to accomplish, so it’s time to set some new goals! We’ve released our first EP, and now we can make room for whatever is next

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