Single: Strawberry Generation – Iris (Eyelids)

Strawberry Generation is a dream pop band formed in Providence, named after a Chinese expression that mocks today’s young people for being too soft, coddled and easily-bruised.

Their debut album Afloat was written and recorded in Providence, mixed and produced in Singapore with members of Sobs and Cosmic Child, and toured in the UK at Indietracks 2019 (Kero Kero Bonito, Adult Mom, The Orielles). The album was released by Sunday Records and Citrus City in February 2020.

The band records as a duo with Luk (guitar, vocals) and Val (vocals, saxophone).

“Iris (Eyelids)” is a bright and quick-paced song that features boy and girl harmonies, a guitar solo, and a story about a girl who was bullied in school and exacts revenge by becoming an influential DJ. The song was written during the pandemic as part of a daily writing exercise with one rule per day. The rule for this one was to use a certain well-known chord progression!”

It’s been quite some time since I last shared a song from Strawberry Generation, but I’m thrilled to report that they’re back with a new single. Upon listening, I immediately sensed an evocative energy reminiscent of The Cure, with its dreamy and ethereal vibe. What I appreciate most about this new single is how it effortlessly captures the listener’s attention with its catchy melody, fast-paced guitars, and overall lush atmosphere. Right from the opening notes, I was hooked and utterly captivated by the song’s irresistible charm.

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