Album: Magana – Teeth

‘No time for vacation, you got shit to do’

Magana is Jeni Magaña from LA. To put it lightly, she has a stacked musical CV – playing keys and bass for a slew of bands and perhaps most recognisable as the bassist for Mitski.

I was thrilled to listen through her new solo full length, ‘Teeth’. It kicks off with a plaintive, acoustic introduction in the form of ‘Garden’, which appears to be an intention-setting moment of mantras before it all kicks off. The record is a meandering journey through delicate storytelling and luscious, psychedelic textures. ‘Paul’ boasts delightfully soaring strings. ‘Break Free’ is defiant and joyous with pounding drum machines and fuzzy synths. Album closer ‘Girl in Chains’ is like peak Sharon Van Etten with its driving guitars and supreme powerful vocal delivery.

‘Teeth’ is a refuge and an escape, meant to be lived inside of and made at home in. Get familiar.