SINGLE: Pallor – Awry

When artists introduce new minds to a musical project, it can often lead to said project becoming overloaded, losing the sense of why it began in the first place. In other cases, it can lead to a vision becoming tangible, with the help of like-minded friends, hunkering down with the desire to bring an idea to life. 

The latter (thankfully) has happened here, with a new song from the Edmonton based group, Pallor. ‘Awry’ marks a shift in Pallor: formerly the solo-project of Erik Hamilton, Trip Hazard is the first release with multiple musicians making multiple appearances throughout. Despite Hamilton very much not requiring other hands in the project, ‘Awry’ definitely benefits from the expansion in sound. The dreamy post-punk song calls to mind early work of The Cure, and the more recent work of Ruby Haunt. There is an energy contained within the song, within the entire EP in fact, which is arguably from the new energy within the actual recording itself: it is infectious, bouncy, and just a lot of fun. 

Trip Hazard and ‘Awry’ are significant moments for the band; if you’re looking to find a group to get behind as they enter a new era, Pallor are most definitely the project to direct your attention towards.

Written by Callum Foulds