Singles: always, always – can’t help myself / Gardener

I recently came across an indie trip-hop band from the UK that caught my attention with their latest double single release. While I don’t typically cover this genre on our blog, I couldn’t resist sharing their music. The first single blends dream pop with electronic trip-hop, creating a mesmerizing and captivating atmosphere. The second is more atmospheric dreamy ambient trip-hop, which I am enjoying as well.

The music has this special quality that allows me to close my eyes, unwind, and let the beat carry me away, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Both tracks have a unique and hard-to-describe vibe, and they are incredibly well-crafted. I found myself drawn to the dreamy elements in the music, but regardless of the reason, I loved both tracks and I’m eagerly anticipating what this talented British band will create next, especially considering they’ve only recently begun making music.

Both songs have such a special vibe that it is hard to describe and well crafted and I enjoyed checking out both. Maybe it is the dreamy aspect, which is making everything much better for me, but not sure, either way loved both tracks and I am looking forward what this British band will make next. Especially when they started out just recently.

Written by Filip Zemcik