Singles: Here For You – Sibling / Moving Away

debut a-side from here for you, a group of folks who care about each other in brooklyn, ny. featuring members of american poetry club, faced out, coffee nap, vines, hanging blanket, and new found friends.

A quote about the song Sibling from this double side single released by Atlanta Zone and heavenly creature records.

Jordan, a member of this newly formed band, have been a good friend of mine since we collaborated on a release for APC. Our friendship goes way back, and I can’t even recall the first time we met. Recently, Jordan reached out to let me know about the release of new music under their new project, and I couldn’t contain my excitement, especially because it featured so many talented individuals. Additionally, the fact that my favorite Scottish label, heavenly creature records, is also releasing it made the occasion even more thrilling.

This twee emo indie rock is exactly what I needed this year. The catchy melodies are bound to linger in your mind for a long time. The great instrumentation and the abundance of cool little nuances in these two songs make me confident that they would sound incredible in a live setting. This project is already showing a lot of promise, and I’m eagerly anticipating their next releases. In the meantime, I’ll be listening to these fantastic new singles, as I have a feeling they will become my go-to soundtrack for this summer.

Written by Filip Zemcik