Single: Little Champion – Hall Tree

“After tuning one of my guitars to F A C G C E, I soon discovered it’s impossible to not make emo music in that tuning. “Hall Tree” is the song that came out of that experiment, which I recorded/mixed/mastered in my little home studio. It’s about the empty feeling at home in the months after losing my dog.”

Little Champion’s homemade bedroom emo punk music has really struck a chord with me. The song’s impeccable tuning has had me hitting the replay button just to savor it. Although I’ve never excelled at playing the guitar myself, I can definitely recognize and appreciate a killer guitar riff when I hear one. The math rocky style of the guitar combined with the intimate, lo-fi vocals creates a truly captivating blend. This track has found its way onto our blog’s playlists and it’s a fantastic addition. I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing what new musical experiments this artist will bring to the table.

Written by Filip Zemcik