Singles: Signs Following – Cicada / Coyote / Copperhead

I have recently come across the music of Signs Following, which initially started as the solo project of Joshua Mays but is in the process of evolving into a full-band endeavor. I first covered their single “The Last Great Mystery” and have since discovered three more singles they have released: “Cicada”, “Coyote”, and “Copperhead”. These three singles have resonated with me so much that I felt compelled to share them all in one post to ensure others don’t miss out on these beautiful indie folk songs.

“Copperhead especially highlights the growth of Signs Following into a full band. The core of this song was written by Joshua Mays, but when it was introduced to the other musicians — Ben Johnson, Monica Wright, and John Hooker — it instantly came to life as the version you hear in the recording. Their chemistry as a band is undeniable and only serves to amplify the original vision.”

Hailing from Tennessee, this artist, now a band, is producing an enchanting brand of indie folk that has completely captivated me. The beautifully crafted melodies, combined with a slowcore touch and mesmerizing vocals, have given me goosebumps. What’s more, I’m impressed by how well these singles complement each other, and I am confident they would come together seamlessly in an album. I’m finding it hard to pick a favorite among them, as all three singles exhibit remarkable qualities. Additionally, the cover art for each single is simply stunning and would make for great wall posters.

I am eagerly anticipating new music from this talented musician and am excited to share it with others once it becomes available.

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Written by Filip Zemcik