EP + SINGLE: All At Once + Hot Glue – Street Racer

 All At Once, the band’s debut EP from 2023, begins with ‘Void’; an off-kilter, slightly frenetic, indie-funk song. It is unbelievably hip-popping, with a bass line so groovy you cannot help but feel it in your soul. The chorus retains this groove, with vocals soaring over distorted guitars and synth sounds. This is just one of the myriad of examples as to how fun, Street Racer is. The indie circuit can take itself very seriously, but it’s a band like this who act as a reminder as to why we make music in the first place. 

The title track is a hazy whirlwind instrumental, calling to mind the slower moments of recent Slowdive – shoegazing moments that culminate in sheer euphoria. ‘Coyote Cottage’ is dream-pop perfection; everything you would want to hear is there, at times bearing resemblance to the more sublime moments of fellow indie-rocker, Palehound. The real standout from the EP is, ‘Grenadine’: it is pure exquisiteness; a ballad over synths before breaking into a slow chug of melodic yearning and emotional guitars. ‘Bliss’ follows this tune, concluding with a glorious cacophony of harmonised vocals and huge sounding instrumentation. It is a surprising turn, especially given the light hearted approach at the top of the EP. However, this is what makes, Street Maker an exciting band; they do not conform to a certain mood or vibe, nor do they feel obliged to remain within one. In a world of algorithms that cater towards repetitive consummation, it is refreshing to hear a band doing things differently. This is further deftly displayed on their most recent single, ‘Hot Glue’. Different from anything they have released prior, the single is a heavy, foot-stomping moment, with giant anthem-like choruses, and even more emo-style melodies. It is complete fun, and promises an exciting future for the band. 

If you’re a fan of genre twisting music, jarring twists and turns, and arena-sized sing-along moments, Street Racer has baskets full of everything you could possibly desire. Keep an eye out for this band, as they are certainly sticking around. 

Written by Callum Foulds