SINGLE: frans asthma x Qozy – pretty out

Never has a collaboration felt more apt than the marriage of the ethereal frans asthma and 

Qozy, on their new song, ‘pretty out’. frans asthma’s singular vision of melodic slowcore continues to find itself under your skin, however, ‘pretty out’, is arguably more upbeat than previous affairs. Churning acoustic guitars drive the song into landscapes of reverberated slides and arpeggiated picking. asthma’s voice is obviously stunning, floating above the minimal mysticism of the instrumentation. Qozy fits right in here; though a slightly different pace from their usual blend of lo-fi slacker rock and garage vibes, the vocals offered are immaculate; like the aforementioned, they just glide over the song. 

Due to the sheer beauty on display, ‘pretty out’ feels like an all too brief meeting between frans asthma and Qozy and us listeners. It is a song you could happily have on repeat for hours, discovering something new with each listen. Despite both releasing music for only a short amount of time, both frans asthma and Qozy feel as if they have established themselves within their own musical plane. Both will be exciting artists to follow, and I for one am looking forward to what they do next. 

frans asthma:


Written by Callum Foulds