SINGLE: Shady Cove – Passenger

Shady Cove, the duo consisting of former Candace bandmates, Sarah Rose and Sarah Nienaber, describe the project as a reflection of “a self-conscious acknowledgment that I, or you, or we, will never get there… [it] is a celebration of that unshakable longing, the forever search”. It is a much pondered upon subject; the distance between the artist and their ultimate point of view, something that is arguably the entire reason for one’s own art making. It is interesting when a musical outfit, such as Shady Cove, devote their ethos to this; not just a desire for art, but a desire for more desire. The band’s new song, ‘Passenger’, expertly reflects this outlook. The combination of retro-futuristic synths and production that make the soundscape feel as if it has been spun through a cam-corder, all points to a certain forward facing attitude. The song itself is gorgeous, a twinkling reverie that sounds as if the song is waving goodbye, before falling away to a distorted screech of guitar. The song ends by spinning down, as if the turntable you are listening to your 7” single of the song has been abruptly turned off. Although it is a jarring turn in the song, you can’t help but wonder what may come once the record player is turned back on. The listener waits with bated breath, and just like everyone else, we too shall have to wait for what Shady Cove has to offer next. 

Written by Callum Foulds