Single: Rosalie James – ISLAND (feat. Storefront Church)

Rosalie James latest single Island featuring Storefront Church from her very soon to be released debut album (12th July) Full of Chemicals. A more breezy affair than her previous single Soft Target with soothing synths and twangy guitar, which allows Rosalie to really show off her dreamy vocals and brutally honest but often relatable lyrics.

A song about being a young parent while still a child yourself, how you can try your best and still feel it isn’t good enough.

“I was an island, falling to pieces for everyone.” Rosalie opens with and only takes us further into her life and struggles as the song progresses.

Storefront Church adds further to this as he comes in with his smokey vocals. When both sing together, it’s like a hurricane of emotions soaring through you.

The production is faultless and brings a dreamlike quality to the song reminiscent of Kate Bush or prime Fleetwood Mac, albeit with a very modern paintbrush.

“Give me a reason to stick around.” Well, if the reasons are songs like this, I’d very much like to stick around for more.

Written by Lester O’Shea