Single: WUT – Mingling with the Thorns

Since 2018, Vancouver BC’s jangle-pop meets riot-twee trio WUT have been making a local name for themselves with their joyfully heartfelt live performances. In 2020, the trio released ‘NOW’, an energetic cassette accompanied by 10 DIY music videos. These earnest and often humorous videos reflect WUT’s playful yet sincere songwriting. Recently, WUT recorded ‘Mingling with the Thorns’, their sophomore full-length album, which comes out August 23rd on HHBTM Records.

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The new single is a delightful blend of energetic power pop, catchy indie rock, and charming twee vibes that will captivate you with its playful nature and mesmerizing energy. It instantly brought me back to the early 2010s, evoking memories of listening to a lot of power pop mixed with indie rock and even featuring it on this blog. Listening to this song filled me with nostalgia, taking me back to a time when I shared my musical discoveries without writing much. Although I still feel like I lack the skill to articulate my thoughts about music, I absolutely adore stumbling upon new musical gems. Especially on the ones that are coming from Canada.

Do not forget to watch the funny video for the new single:

Written by Filip Zemcik